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You're wrong. Here's what's correct: married to Andrea (((Dworkin))), who died at age 58 from myocarditis and suffered severe osteoarthritis (because, as a feminist, she was a fat piece of shit).

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Likely written by someone raised by a single mom who poisoned his mind about men. Has no idea what a positive male role model is.

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raised by a single mom

poisoned his mind

Has no idea what

Or he is just a Jew doing what Jews do best: slowly and patiently wormtonguing the credulous goyim into suicide, article by article, movie by movie.

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Degenerate and frustration filled lives.

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Vice is run by 2 assholes, an open borders communist and a pakistani islamist ...two names ‎Shane Smith,‎ ‎Suroosh Alvi‎, its third founder ‎Gavin quit and joined Canada's conservative RebelMedia

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That must be sad to live your entire life never knowing a father's love. I can't imagine what a disgusting, pathetic piece of shit I'd be without my father's example, leadership and love.

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Yeah, I barely had either mother & father. They didn't teach me anything. No role models. Pretty much ruined my life. Let's just destroy everyone's lives because this scum bag feminist has this opinion.

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I still look to my father as an example of how to be a good man to this day, whenever I feel like I am slipping up or doing something wrong. I just feel bad that I never gave him grandkids. I just never found a wife.

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It’s not too late!

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All liberals are toxic, we need to give up letting them breath if we want to live morally sound and loved filled lives.

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Almost goes without saying for Vice but:

Every time...

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Attack on masculinity. Masculinity is what keeps the foundation of a civilization alive. My son hates school, daughter likes it. Boy Scouts accepts girls now. Any boy type thing/club has be restructured for girls. Teach your sons responsibility and leadership. Fathers need to be stronger. Because the things that were in place to do so are no longer there. Give up Masculinity... what a Jew sentiment. Like giving up rain for a garden. We have enough fruity man boys out there.

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Oy vey Stoltenberg!

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It's really that easy once you take the red pill.

Oh for the innocence lost....

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