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When I took engineering, there were only about 6 total one-semester courses outside of the engineering school. Also, t was a conservative school and long before this SJW insanity, so even in arts and sciences, it would have been sane.

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Eat your losses and get enrolled in a good trade school.

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Have a good job after you graduate

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Throw out a single legit statistic during class to counter his narrative.

Watch the fun for the next hour as he tries to tell you how wrong you are.

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Abortion is wrong.

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Keep your head down and just get through the class. Remember that these spineless jackoffs will report you to the "Sensitivity Coordinator" or whatever other purple-haired goons are sucking up payroll for their mental illness. They will bend over backwards to accomodate anything but a position they disagree with.

Don't argue with him. Don't write a snarky paper and try to sneak 14/88 into it somewhere. Engage if you must, but it's 100% legitimate to sit in back and review notes from another class with him as little more than a distraction in your study space. Stay on top of his syllabus - if you're halfway decent at writing papers then you can just hand in a stream-of-consciousness word salad you wrote three days before the due date.

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I took a pretty cool humanities class on Vikings. You've just gotta look for the right class.

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It's taught by a faggot sjw 28 year old who refers to himself as "doctor".

I hate those people. If you can't heal the sick or do something important, you're not special.

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So glad I got college out of the way before all this PC BS.

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