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society shouldn't be centered on straightness

~95% of people are straight. Why should society center on a bunch of misfits that are already over-represented?


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Marxist/Globalist agenda aside (which is the core of the matter - these are all their anti-western weapons at work), I think it's a distortion of that quote about "Judging a society by how it treats it's lowest". I think it was criminals in the OG quote but it's become a generalized concept for anyone who can claim disenfranchisement. Inverted in a way that defeats the central logic of the quote.

The quote implies that in a healthy, equitable society all the good stuff should filter down even to the least deserving. But the distortion comes where the drive seems to be that only the status and state of least deserving should be measured when evaluating the overall health and "goodness" of a society. Everyone else has to eat shit to make sure that our "Healthy Society Metric" is maintained at a high level. "Civilizational Virtue Signalling" if you will.

ie: all the outliers and fuck ups and criminals and scumbags are living at the highest level that society can provide at the expense of the majority.

And as we've seen. Even when we fell for this meme and were approaching some level of "suitable" over-representation and over-endowment of special rights for these groups to claim that we indeed have a "good and healthy" (liberal) society, all new under-classes are shipped in from outside en masse. That being muslims etc. Who are fundamentally incompatible with these other groups as well as the majority ethno-religious group.

So it's never ending. Because the intention was always (like communism) the transfer of wealth and rights away from the majority straight white population to other more controllable and self-interested groups.


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It's communist class warfare rebranded as gender warfare, sexual orientation warfare, race warfare... with the same arguments. If you are in any way better as the rest it's because you exploited them. If you're poor or powerless and support the cause you're a good person that got exploited. If you did bad things but are 'poor' (ie. muslim grooming rape gangs) it's because the injustices in the system corrupted you and you are still redeemable whereas those supporting the system are not. This worldview eventually leads to confusing good with evil and evil with good.

Unfortunately I believe that just like the original class warfare this will end with blood. Probably not soon - but as you said they intend to replace the current population with one that is more easily controlled and culture/demographics will continue to change for coming generations.


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It’s more like 97%.


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Because he really means he wants to fuck their kids and celebrate about it.


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Enjoy your time in the sun faggots, the pendulum is swinging back.


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Stuff like this just makes it swing back harder. If they stuck to just wanting to be able to live their lives openly it would be hard to rally against that, but obnoxious faggots lecturing us from the internet? Really easy to get tired of a lecturing faggot.


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The pendulum won't be the only thing swinging. The pro-Bugchaser legislation in Cali and finally admitted child-molestation-as-gay-turning-mechanism was enough to make walking-back to "tolerance" impossible. They're a snake in our bosom. They have an unchanging, unchangeable underlying immoral nature. Everything else is theater.


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I want fags to celebrate straight culture and force it on everyone!


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Let's celebrate epilepsy and Krohns disease while we're at it!


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Unlike {{{being a fag}}}, epilepsy and Crohn's are not contagious, sexual-trauma-induced mental illnesses, and they can be treated without killing the patient. Far more worthy of celebration indeed.


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I "celebrate"* irritable bowels. Usually on the wall behind the toilet at Wal-Mart

  • I don't always make it.


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Tolerance is all I've got. If you want me to embrace that degeneracy you're going to have a bad day.


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I was a raging anti-gay as a teen before I started opening up to gay rights in the name of freedom. I've since reached peak tolerance and have starred descending back towards being a more refined anti-gay.


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Are you me? I used to love to troll faggots in chat rooms and tell them they were going to hell. Then I had a gay neighbor in college, and I was more tolerant. Then that faggot started flirting with me, and I was less tolerant. Then my cousin came out, I was more tolerant. Then I see pride parades, and I hate faggots again. My cousin isn't a flamboyant faggot, but given the culture and the prominence of sickness that is pervasive in the culture, I have to believe it really is an illness/disorder. We just don't call it that anymore.


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I don't have tolerance for anyone forcing their debauch lifestyle on me. Keep it to yourself!


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A slippery slope indeed.


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That's because they are all leaking lube and pozz blood all over the slope.


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You won't even get tolerance then


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Yep, Art of the Deal.

They demand more than tolerance. You take tolerance off the table.
Remind them that "tolerance" is an extended privilege, not a natural right or unchanging state.
Suddenly they're very keen to make a deal and compromise on their previously unshiftable demands.

But even then. We're past that point. No deals. Just rescind all special privileges.
Reinstate old moral laws etc. We already had a system in place that dealt with these liars and perverts.


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