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Thanks for the feedback! Some comments:

  • I think it would be better if you didn't have to tap each comment for the additional score info (up/downvoats, time) to show up. IMO that should display on every comment by default

Makes sense to me, but I'd like to see what others think. I'll do a poll to get feedback.

  • The app is currently missing the feature to sort by hot/new/top

Unfortunately, not supported by the legacy API. It's actually already implemented with search in the full app. https://voat.co/api/help/

  • I can't tap a username and go to their profile
  • The "find a user" feature just loads the web page for their profile instead of loading it natively in the app

Again, this is based on the current state of the API. It seemed more helpful to show the web version than what the API currently gives.

  • The number of upvotes and downvotes should be shown on the front page & in each subverse, like on the voat site.

Agreed. Running out of room on the top of the "View Comments" button though. May ask for help from a UX/UI person to figure out the best way to show that.

  • IMO the RockTheVoat loading splash screen should only display when the app is launched, not when loading a subverse or a post

I'll poll it to see what the general consensus is.

  • There's no option to view the subverse sidebar

True. I can probably toss in a non-native way for now (in a browser), but I'd like not to add many features at this point and get a working version out, and then focus on refining.