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Thanks voat. This is one of the latest claims I've seen and I'm more convinced it hasn't happened than it has.

to say the least

too bad national socialism was veering towards central planning economy

[–] ImPhilippe 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago I cant believe this is still on jewtube, but this guy debunks the gassing of jews

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Robert Faurrisson has been censored from YT. I had watched 'The problem with the gas chambers' some years ago on YT, there were even several versions in English, French and German. All censored away.

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Not that temporary measures don't end up being permanent, but lots of their economic plans depended on the context of the punitive shit out of Versailles. History books pretend that "the march of history" has proven to humanity that the WW2-Japan-style constructive investment is a better way to treat the vanquished, to prevent such extreme measures from seeming necessary, but I think the quagmires in the Middle East are showing that to be an obvious lie designed to make entering war a lighter subject.

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Unless you can disprove key hitler quotes and state behaviors hitler was behind in ''hitler economics'' video I will not change my view point.

I think anytime you try to present Hitler like some dictator who allowed free markets and individual freedom

you are full of shit. I don't even see why you would want to lie, people who care about these are in such a minority. you clearly, do not, need us. According to your own theories anyway

I am convinced Germany would of become about 90%+ (at minimum) of the way from the average western mixed economy to communism.

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too bad national socialism was veering towards central planning economy

I’ve seen a number of people argue this point lately, but I wonder have you considered that our current economy is planned?

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Yes in a distributed manner. Sure some parts of it like a nigger's finances are often not planned very far into the future.

I couldn't care less

and then also in a centrally planned manner with power with all the cronies and the stormfags like hitler who support them