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none of it makes sense. why bring people in a basement to bring their corpses back up to ground level. all that work for a fucking dead jew. no way. then the chimney isnt even connected. it was built after the war by the museum jew faggots. iirc right? then the ovens, size, math. you would build 1 giant one. Germans are smart, they wouldn't do this shitty system. Also zyklon costs more than much cheaper was to gas someone. zyklon was used fo lice not killing. to stop typhus, thats why you see tons of skinny jews in the pics. and that the allies bombed all the routes to get these jew rats food. so the allies actually staved these jews. Then why the fuck would you build the jews in the camps, pools, a music hall, brothels. etc just to kill them. The point of these camps was slave labor and processing undesirables. good.