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I've always wished for a tv show that would tackle each of these major points of dispute, using scientists/chemists and engineers, but without telling them where these doors are from and what they were used for.

Only just enough info for them to tell us the truth about their effectiveness/ability to do what they were supposed to, and see where that would take us.

Could you imagine if enough people had enough doubt, just a little even, but just enough, that any time a story about the holocaust or jewish suffering was spoken about, someone would have a tone of sarcasm or this small grin...

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using scientists/chemists and engineers

Engineer here. Holocaust is BS because it's mechanically impossible. That's why they can never use scientists/engineers to "debunk" revisionists. Similar deal for the "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Tuth" guys, who have autistically detailed research on all structural data, debunking NIST reports, etc.

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(((tv show))) that'll be the day