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Cyclon B is a pesticide that is still purchasable in Germany under the name Uragan D2 (BAuA licensed til 2024)

Germany invented chemical warfare in WWI. In WWII Germany had stockpiles with cheap warfare agents like chlorine gas. Why would they use a pesticide that is very inefficient in killing people?

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For delousing the prorisoners when they arrived.

The gas chambers are real, but were for the health of the camp residents and guards.

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Zyklon was used to fumigate the barracks where prisoners lived to kill fleas and ticks due to typhus outbreak

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They didn't use gas on the prisoners lol

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Chlorine gas is extremely corrosive and very difficult to filter out of some types of gas masks. Hydrogen cyanide isn't corrosive, and its effects are exclusively acute. If you survive a less than fatal dose once, you're very unlikely to have major lasting effects. Chlorine gas would build up damage every time one of the guards got exposed to it in small quantities.

Any metal hinges or anything on the doors, even if they started out painted and protectively coated in grease, would quickly corrode to dust from chlorine gas.

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Zyklon B is still a bad choice. The easiest way would have been carbon monoxide or simply the exaust from the ovens. Its 100% safe after simple ventilation. Other killing methods are even more effective like those big mills that are used to grind animal cadavers. If a technologically advanced nation like Germany wanted to exterminate 300k people they would have used a very industrialised and effective way.