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On Holocaust Remembrance Day I plan to launch Operation Cellar Door to spread gas chamber awareness.

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Haha the doors is the best red pill. Most normies resist the math, but the doors always works for me :)

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Good call. Math is hard. "One of these things is not like the other" is a great game.

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Cyclon B is a pesticide that is still purchasable in Germany under the name Uragan D2 (BAuA licensed til 2024)

Germany invented chemical warfare in WWI. In WWII Germany had stockpiles with cheap warfare agents like chlorine gas. Why would they use a pesticide that is very inefficient in killing people?

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For delousing the prorisoners when they arrived.

The gas chambers are real, but were for the health of the camp residents and guards.

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Zyklon was used to fumigate the barracks where prisoners lived to kill fleas and ticks due to typhus outbreak

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They didn't use gas on the prisoners lol

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Chlorine gas is extremely corrosive and very difficult to filter out of some types of gas masks. Hydrogen cyanide isn't corrosive, and its effects are exclusively acute. If you survive a less than fatal dose once, you're very unlikely to have major lasting effects. Chlorine gas would build up damage every time one of the guards got exposed to it in small quantities.

Any metal hinges or anything on the doors, even if they started out painted and protectively coated in grease, would quickly corrode to dust from chlorine gas.

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Zyklon B is still a bad choice. The easiest way would have been carbon monoxide or simply the exaust from the ovens. Its 100% safe after simple ventilation. Other killing methods are even more effective like those big mills that are used to grind animal cadavers. If a technologically advanced nation like Germany wanted to exterminate 300k people they would have used a very industrialised and effective way.

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Dude in Mississippi is fucking jizzing in his pants showing off his gas chamber. I love that guy.

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Probably had a long line of negro rapists and murderers waiting for a ride in that bad boy. Goddamn i long for those days.

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I've always wished for a tv show that would tackle each of these major points of dispute, using scientists/chemists and engineers, but without telling them where these doors are from and what they were used for.

Only just enough info for them to tell us the truth about their effectiveness/ability to do what they were supposed to, and see where that would take us.

Could you imagine if enough people had enough doubt, just a little even, but just enough, that any time a story about the holocaust or jewish suffering was spoken about, someone would have a tone of sarcasm or this small grin...

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using scientists/chemists and engineers

Engineer here. Holocaust is BS because it's mechanically impossible. That's why they can never use scientists/engineers to "debunk" revisionists. Similar deal for the "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Tuth" guys, who have autistically detailed research on all structural data, debunking NIST reports, etc.

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(((tv show))) that'll be the day

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Another arguing point is the reason they chose to do gas was to save the minds of the nazi guards yet moving all the dead and gassed bodies is not more traumatizing than shooting them in a hole and walking away? You have to literally move each body and they aren't super light either it'll take 2-3 guards to move dead weight

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Also the structural layout of the chambers doesn’t make sense.

These are the guys that engineered the autobahn.

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Has that meet argued before in a debate?

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This was one of the pics that really red pilled me

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It was real in their minds, goy.

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A lot of stupid people will say "they didn't have proper technology to make a proper gas chamber door so of course they used what they had!"

How would you suggest arguing against that shit?

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pioneered rocket science and were also regularly beating the u.s. in automotive tech. Watch some old grand prix documentaries, benz and audi were kicking our asses, they were mechanical geniuses. Im pretty sure they could have built sealing doors.

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Pretty sure that anybody fielding U-Boats had to be building doors that could seal pretty well.

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They had the technology to split an atom.

Of course they had that technology in the 1940’s! :)

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