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I'll keep wearing the same clothes I normally wear. It's funny how negros think we dress as slummy as they do to begin with.

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Say what you want about Hitler's Germany, but their fashion sense was impeccable.

[–] WaterBro 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

I'd rather have a few sets of quality-made clothes than a walk in closet full of cheap crap.

Something made in America by fucking craftsmen, not BS virtue-signaling faggot ware made by third world slave labor.

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I dont want to wear any of that nigger garbage anyway.

[–] Dumpsterjuice 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

SAS shoes. Made in Texas, non union, real Americans. High quality, comfortable.

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Nicks, Whites, Danner, all up in the pacific northwest, all made in the US, all know for durability. Belleville makes most of their boots in the US in Illinois, they might be union too, but they make wide ass boots for us big foot volk.

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One of the best pairs of shoes I ever owned were by SAS. Sadly the one local shop I had shut down and the guys left the state, Cook County IL.

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Thorogood boots made in USA too. I replaced my work boots not long ago with a set of them.

Very very comfy, but I dont like the wedge sole. Feels like my foot is always sliding towards the toe end of the boot. Next time will try a heeled version.

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you didn't even invent anything to do with shoes and quite frankly aside slapping your logos over them and getting rappers to endorse them, i don't even know why you wear them, wearing shoes is a white thing remember?

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does diadora stay out of it? i like their stuff

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Several comments call the brands he lists "cheap," but you have to recognize that they are status brands. Unless second-hand, none of it would be inexpensive. Normal people who buy clothing for price and function do not wear this shit. People who wear shiny teeth and have to hold their pants up do.

And you don't see white men walking around in fucking Puma shoes in the first place, unless they're also signaling that they're coal-burning faggots.

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