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We need bumper stickers that read "Jews aren't White"

It's amazing how many people don't know that simple fact.

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Dont forget columbine!! The original jew schlomo shooter. He even targeted Christians, I read a book called "she said yes". I read

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What I chuckle at is niggers and Jews will sing about the 8 or 9 white shooters meanwhile hourly niggers kill each other. Shit just two days ago a nigger school football game was shot up and it was barely a blurb.

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First I've heard of it, must not have fit the agenda.

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Dog bites man isn't a story.

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Kikes with mummy issues. A deadly combo.

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All kikes have mommy issues. That's why they're so awful. That's why they get turfed out of everywhere.

The Jewish mother isn't a stereotype for no reason.

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False flag race.

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Holy shit.

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David is missing the jew info. Paste it into ur image: https://imgoat.com/uploads/f28b5d49b3/140233.jpeg

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Adam Lanza is David hogg.

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