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What are the odds that you can finish your doctorate and work as a psychiatrist/professor for years without having jewish colleagues or jewish superiors throughout your entire education and career? If the odds are low (I suspect they are) this would be expected.

Maybe he is controlled opposition and maybe that's why he seemed to become famous out of nowhere but I don't think that a handful of people he once worked with or replaced are sufficient evidence. I think it's much better to directly attack him for his shortcomings, namely that he promotes individualism at a time were we are overrun by cultures that are tribal and that also vote tribal.

Whites are the only ethnicity were a majority wants a smaller state. Any libertarian who promotes a smaller state and more individualism and who at the same wants to achieve this by democratic means is a fool for ignoring voting patterns.

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Even if he's not controlled, he's so ingrained in the ideology, he believes he knows what to say to avoid angering the right. He's a gatekeeper from certain ideologies.

The UN panel thing was my red pill on Peterson. It tells me his true motives. He brags about being on the panel which tells me he's happy with the end product. The end product is globalism, mass migration, supporting women and children (which means "liberating" them, sexually usually). He is totally being subtle about being in favor of this stuff, but make no mistake, this is his belief system.

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Not sure if it’s my current ducky Internet in japan or what. Can we get some links to reliable info on said plan? Is that just another name for the general Zionist plan to ruin everything?

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Juden Peterstein

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Fake and gay

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So I hear a lot about Jordan Peterson, but I never hear anything notable said/written by him. Why is that? Does he have any good ideas that stand up on their own without the cult of personality attached?

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He basically compiled all the red pills that were seeping out into public around the election and got attacked by sjws for it so we felt compelled that he was "one of us" but in reality he's a sheltered university prof boomer at best and a CIA asset at worst.

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Tim Leary didn't work for the CIA. I found this relevant comment on Stack Exchange: "Received money from an organization now known to be a CIA front" is very different from "worked for the CIA". Front organizations are intended to prevent the recipient knowing where the money comes from. – DJClayworth Feb 23 '17 at 15:02

The CIA was interested in Leary's work, he was most certainly not interested in furthering theirs.

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Did you make this? Well done, explains a lot.

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It's on the internet, must be true.

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This is really stupid. Cute graphic with zero substance, and could be compiled about just about anyone noteworthy. Gong to have to try harder methinks.

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