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Well, whether we like it or not Hillary is still relevant as she just released a book and is trying extremely hard to stay in the public eye. I don't think it's fair to accuse people of sliding as Voat has been talking about Hillary every day since i came here over two years go.

@Le_Squish's comment was a joke that i believe you are taking way too seriously.

@gabara banned you from v/soapboxbanhammer because that's what that sub does. It's a game where you shit post and get banned for stupid reasons. It's a parody of how Reddit runs subs hence the massive amount of mods and the silly reasons for banning people - even those who haven't been there.

I think you just don't understand humor, quite honestly. If this is the best evidence you have to convict these two of being shills - you really need to get a grip on reality.

You also haven't mentioned what they are shilling for. Every shill has an agenda and they are usually quite easy to spot.