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2019-03-11 REVIEW: the user https://voat.co/u/frothbat has not responded nor heeded our guidelines message and has returned to link his domain, https://voat.co/domains/thetiltedglass.com, thus we presume that he is on the site for commercial purposes. Both user and the domain are BANNED.

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@frothbat, Voat is not your personal advertising forum. Kindly fuck off back to Rebbit.

Thank you in advance.

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Me thinks he deleted some posts. He is in compliance now so there's that :)

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There is only one post from the domain. Each image is posted with the watermark of the website.

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Attention Please and Hello @frothbat and any/all alts or associates – reports have been received that you are frequently or only linking your site/channel and there is a concern that you may be unaware of Voat's content submission guidelines; only posting your content is seen here at Voat as a form of Spamming. Some users appear to be enjoying your content so I wanted to reach out and give you a heads-up to the guidelines that need to be followed. Please note from Voat's FAQ's:

Can I submit links to sites I operate?

Submitting only links to sites you operate (or are associated with), without submitting other, unrelated links, is considered spamming... If majority of the links you submit are to sites you are associated with, your domains may be globally banned from Voat. To be on the safe side, if you submit 10 links to various subverses on Voat, at most 5 of the 10 submitted links may be to the sites you are associated with.

Other users have found that only posting your content every other post meets with our guidelines perfectly.

It is important that we all comply with Voat's rules. Should you choose not to, some of the other rules here state that your account may be globally banned. I'm happy to provide you with some links to these, or you may find them at the bottom of every page in the FAQ and User Agreement. Please consider this to be the only rules reminder message you will likely receive. Voat is designed and supported for Personal Use Only.

Please let me know of your understanding by replying here or with any questions you may have; if you start mixing up your links a bit, every other post is a good rule of thumb, and adding some relevant comments around Voat, all unrelated to your domain and/or channels, you'll be good! Thank you.