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I'm not about to hammer on any submission limits right now by making a ton of seperate submissions, but just to point out that most everything this spammer has ever submitted has been on the same blog hosting software.

  • anokey.com
  • blackjunction.com afri-centric site, some legit content amongst the spam (as much as zio-bolshevism can ever be legit)
  • bloggertel.com "We are registered in India under registration number [number]", an oversight or an attempt to hide? repetition of the same trick elsewhere on the site suggests the latter. "19.1 We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office. 19.2 Our data protection registration number is [number]."
  • chikkahub.com site may be legit, appears to have some legit content, strange mix of Philippines and Hertfordshire (UK) content
  • cushtymoosh.com Site appears to have exactly 1 user account posting legit-looking medical articles.
  • dotafro.com afri-centric site, some legit content, blank privacy policy
  • elitedolphin.com mostly escort spam, another one which seems to contain 1 legitimate-looking post on the whole site (what is a blog), possibly to act as a cover for the rest.
  • freezoxee.com HAS LEGIT USERS
  • howeasyy.com domain suspended by host for T&C violations
  • mariadda.com has legit-looking medical articles but they were clearly copy-pasted by someone who wasn't even trying, they're so stuffed with markup language that they're almost unreadable ^{12,13}12,13start superscript, 12, comma, 13, end superscript, suggesting that they are posted as a cover.
  • mayocoo.com afri-centric site, first, last, and only legit poster left almost 11 months ago, only spam/seo since. Blank privacy policy, blank "about us".
  • unitymix.com has an automatically reposted news article (as a cover?), otherwise 100% spam/seo
  • villahandle.com has exactly 1 legit-looking post, (a single low-effort meme posted as a cover?), rest is spam/seo
  • woddal.com small amount of content in vietnamese that I couldn't assess the spamminess
  • yarbook.com 100% spam/seo content, terms and "about us" are Lorem Ipsum placeholder text.
  • yarabook.com 100% spam/seo content including "buy crystal meth online".

edit to add: working my way thru these domains slowly, trying to establish evidence of legitimacy.

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Super great research thank you :)

This will come in handy!

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yet another one from the kazikasona etc spammer, and yet again same site set-up.

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Taking down the domains is probably a better approach. Good submission!

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the only technique proven to deter this type of spammer is to tear out everything they did, root and branch. If you leave any accounts or non-banned spam domains they are encouraged to rebuild.

At the moment I see a 100% spam hosting domain being given a free pass, misrepresented as being "legit". https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/3007125, and most of the sites I listed below are merely copies of the same site spread around to "snowshoe" the results and reduce the damage done to the spammers interests by anyone who retaliates. Either Cynabuns made a mistake with that resolution or is working with a radically different definition of the word "spam" to the one recognised by the rest of the world.

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No legitimate use by voat users but is being used by spammers; domain is BANNED