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This submission was linked from this v/OneTruePutt submission by @PeaceSeeker.

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This domain appears to be directly connected a previously banned domain, thenarrativetimes.org, https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/2093941/:

  1. note first search result is the reported domain, https://archive.is/ATL1h

  2. see also prime user appealing to google as to his domain thenarrativetimes.org, https://archive.is/Hss9N

Also, noting further that the prime user submitting that domain, https://voat.co/user/mmoates, was cautioned as to our site guidelines and appears to have little interest in participating in personally; i.e. this user is here with commercial intent.

This domain is now BANNED from the site.

This user, for having attempted to evade or avoid the ban of his first domain and for being here with commercial intent, is now also BANNED from the site.