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@Punacare @Wakeupunzi & @carefulme

3 alts doing the same thing.

Puna & Wakeup I remember reporting a while back when they'd get instant front page posts while spamming the 3D Trump chess set. They were very obvious as they'd have way too many upvotes within 10-15 minutes to pass as organic.

It seems he's either slowed down his self upvoating to not look as obvious or found the threshold to hit the front page quickly without too many upvoats.

@Puttitout @Cynabuns

@NeedleStack he's back.

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Weird, I didn't get your ping! I only found this post by following this comment. Anyway, I hate these guys. Cynabuns said anyone posting Blazing Press would be banned so hopefully it happens soon.

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Hmmm, I guess the "-" doesn't cancel out the ping count.

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This reported user, Wakeupnuzi, is now BANNED as the channel "Blazing Press", per https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/2783112, is not permitted on Voat.

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Dirty kike shill account

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He's deleted some of his posts after reportspammers posts were made