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Sure! In addition to those you've named, srayzie, we've also seen:

  • HotelCalifornia
  • MichaelClayton
  • PollyPodesta
  • MollyPodesta
  • JohnFellen
  • NotMossad
  • SamuelHyde
  • MollyPetersen

Cyna, all of these bots became active after we busted open the psyop surrounding the Jem777 "murder" I DMed you about a few weeks ago. The two events are directly related, which @srayzie has documented elsewhere. New alts are being created daily.

Also, I heard from one user who blocked one of them, that the others are showing up blocked for her. I don't know if she is misinterpreting downvoted (collapsed) comments as "blocked", or if there is actually a nifty invisible feature Putt has built into Voat that blocks all accounts from the same IP once you've blocked one. No idea if that is true, since I've never blocked anyone (I like to keep an eye on the wee turds).

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'MichaelClayton' is more likely a shill, not a bot. He once tried to convince me that Marc Dutroux is innocent, and didn't rape anyone...


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Wow lol. If I were the elite, I would program all my bots to deny rape and say someone innocent. 😂 xoxo

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Thanks! I added those to my list.

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Please see parent @Cynabuns

@Vindicator may have some to add?