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First came the user known as https://voat.co/user/My-Trips, submitted in post https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/1949073, who was advised of our guidelines, https://voat.co/v/whatever/1793814/8782185 (April 2017); this user was subsequently banned in the summer of 2017.

Then came the user known as https://voat.co/user/Stvarno, submitted in post https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/2046434; an alt was created to submit his video channel in an effort to avoid our submission guidelines, this user was also subsequently banned in about August 2017.

This specific user of this current post, https://voat.co/user/SantiagoDeCuba, was posted https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/2103110 in September 2017 and submitted for banning; for reasons that are unclear, that ban was never but should have been processed.

This user shall now be BANNED and any recent posts will be reviewed for deletion.

This channel, "My Trips", has now been added to the YT Channel List of Automatic Bans, https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/1592300