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This appears to be a small group attempting to use Voat for commercial purposes with nonsensical comments. Since Voat is for personal use only, and since the domain had been inactive (and has been mirrored for potential subversive purposes??) for close to two years...

the above users and domain will be BANNED

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Nice catch on four month old comments!! Not sure it's related to this group/domain though but we can keep watch :)

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Last three users here; https://voat.co/v/testvoatsearch/2649190 Are the same person. @Cynabuns

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user Mumbleberryy? LOL. I wonder if it's our favourite Malaysian streetshitter back again.

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Could be. Cyna will sort him out quickly.

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@mumbleberry Since you posted him in PV, I'm dropping this here.

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Was going to, thanks for vigilance.