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Hi @SamuelQQ - your account has been brought to our attention with a concern of spam pertaining to our Self-Promotion or Original Content (SP/OC) guideline.

While you've been at Voat for a while now, you may not have been aware of our SP/OC guideline mandating that half of your links should be from other unrelated content,, excerpted here:

Can I submit links to sites I operate?

Submitting only links to sites you operate (or are associated with), without submitting other, unrelated links, is considered spamming... If majority of the links you submit are to sites you are associated with, your domains may be globally banned from Voat. To be on the safe side, if you submit 10 links to various subverses on Voat, at most 5 of the 10 submitted links may be to the sites you are associated with.

It seems that some of the users here enjoy your content but they also don't want to feel like you are only here for the hits. Other OC submitters like yourself have found that posting your content every other time is an easy way to keep with Voat's guidelines. Finally, please note that when users only post their OC, whether their channel or their domain, ultimately they appear to be here for commercial purposes but it's important to remember that Voat is for Personal Use Only and by necessity these users are banned from the site.

You and others like you were instrumental in influencing our current SP/OC guideline to be what it is today -- we all want Voat to be a go-to place for content creators to share their original content unlike the highly restrictive guideline found at some other sites.

It appears that you participate on the site with your comments in a variety of subs to be part of our community; all we're asking here is that you extend that community participation with your submission links. Please reply with your understanding and/or should you have any questions. Thank you.

[–] SAMUELQQ 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Understandable, I try to interact outside of my content but many times there's some real radical things being said like all liberals are communist, and I tend to back off those conversations and not contribute even if I'm reading, sorta lurking. But I'll jump in on more conversations from now on then.

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It's your posts that are the spam. unless you start putting links to YOUR yt channel in comments

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Right on! Thanks for your help with this :)