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Subsequent Review, 07-15-2018 ~10am UTC ...

The user referenced above appears now to be making some effort follow our 10/5 guidelines, choosing to post his domain all at once while still submitting other content

Maintaining a Watch/Hold status for now

On Further and Final Review, 07-15-2018 ~7:30pm UTC

  • the one additional post made by the prime user after the ~10am UTC review noted above is of this domain

  • guidelines message given 07-13-2018 ~7:00pm UTC

  • number of posts submitted from the message until now: 13

  • of those 13 posts, number of posts of this reported domain: 9

  • of those 13 posts, number of posts of unrelated content: 4

At this point, it appears that the user affiliated with this domain has no interest in following our community's guidelines, thus one must presume that he is here for commercial purposes.

As such, Domain will be BANNED