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Reported user's activity reviewed, and Banned.

Edit to add, new user name created and banned, https://voat.co/v/ReportSpammers/2438263

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Sitewide? Something seemed a little fishy with that account a few days ago, but I wasn't 100% sure so I just downvoted due to what seemed like self promotion.

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Yep, sitewide. He was posting his channel in excess of the sitewide guidelines and he'd received prior notifications on this.

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OMG you're back! Hello! How are you?? I missed you!

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I'm doing great and getting better - missed you too!

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User given a rules review 1/23/18 in v/politics

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I suspect this user is using vote manipulation on his posts too. They instantly get at least 4 upvoats.

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@PuttItOut Please see this report. I suspect the youtube channel spammer is manipulating votes each time he posts on voat. Every one of his posts gets at least 4 upvoats instantly after posting. I would not have pinged you if @Cynabuns was still here to manage reports. Thank you!

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Yes, I've noticed this too. I will check his stuff out this week and handle it.

Thanks for the heads up Needles

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Hiya Needles - I saw this one in the User Reports and found your post here; I have banned this user for his channel spamming and I'm working the rest of the reports in the stack as fast as my fingers can fly :)

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Was just about to submit this same user; definitely spamming his channel. He's doing so in v/whatever now, probably because he knows that his posts won't be moderated there.