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I think deep down we all know why it had to be white people. Even the person who was pissed off about it. They were mad because it confirmed something they already knew but wish wasn't true.

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Okay, I'll say it... niggers can't swim.

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White people are heroes this world needs, but not the ones it deserves.

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That was a great troll comment. Reddit users get outraged . Voaters get to be smug . Everyone's a winner

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It had to be white people because white males have accomplished much of what makes this world great!

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Because, silly, there isn't anything in the cave for the niggers to steal

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Who are the fucking racists?

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"reddit says..."

So if I say something and get showered in downvoats, will you post this on reddit saying "voat says..."?

Go back to reddit, faggot.

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Also completely ignoring the fact that the bulk of the riskiest and hump work was done by Thais. Thais who openly asked for white people to help.

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