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being shadowbanned for brigading is nothing new though? i'm confused what about this is shocking. but i will admit i haven't read everything as its a bit much.

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Reddit admins give preferential treatment to mods who do what they say without question.

that makes sense, cooperative mods being picked over uncooperative mods.

Reddit admins shadowbanned and removed a fuckton of people simply for upvoting something linked on 4chan and called it a raid.

that is brigading though usually its reserved for users from a different sub, not a wholely different site.

as for the others

Reddit admins allowed a mod's personal data to be posted and ignored it because they hated him.

that's really bad. especially given how much they are against doxxing in public

AutoModerator blocks/reports keywords from the project developer's own wiki without other mods ever knowing.

don't really understand this to be honest, is automod from reddit though?

Reddit admins threatened to frame the guy being interviewed for sharing child porn if he released a reddit PM encryption program.

now that i simply cannot believe. does he give any proof of this? got a time stamp about this specifically? i can't believe that they'd go that far, nor can i believe someone could even make a reddit pm encryption program? plus why wouldn't they just change the encryption?


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I am really not surprised by any of this.


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I just found Whoaverse as it's now being posted on reddit as the new alternative, This site looks nice.


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While that is shitty you will notice that /v/theredpill has already been reassigned to somebody who actually intends to use the sub.

Basically there will need to be some re-organising before things get on track.


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Looks like the admins here already took care of him. His profile page is already dead.


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Being an admin on reddit is probably the least amount of power that went into somebody's head.