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easiest to start with globalism since thats what the big push right now is about. tell him to look at how dems want the border open... show him how they are doing the same thing in Canada.... how Trudeau said Canada was a post national society.... ask him if he thinks its a coincidence that two countries are trying to get rid of their border at the same time.... and one of them openly says they are post-national.... then point out how there is a coordinated crash being orchestrated right now .... venezuela... crash... brazil... argentina... boom... USA highest debt ever... Canada spending money like they know its worthless. Then say what do you think would have happened if DT wasnt elected to save their dumb asses. Ask them if they think it would be a good idea to have a global government in which they were heavily outvoted by people who are used to being ruled over... or maybe nobody even gets a vote.... cause that would make more sense. The globalists were orchestrating a co-ordinated collapse of the civilized world and trying to create the conditions for the global government to save the day... end game? an entire world in which Jews feel safe from the Shoah. Thats all they have ever wanted.


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I'm starting with this and I agree it's most likely the easiest pill to swallow in showing them what's right in front of them. I can't go any further than that without rejection right now.