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No user will be banned for bad-mouthing RPW on other subverses unless they try to sincerely interact/participate on RPW at the same time. For example, there is a debate sub on reddit called PurplePillDebate, and users will simultaneously engage in a discussion on the sub while also making snide/mocking comments on their home-base troll sub. They smile to your face, and bicker behind your back. It's that kind of duplicity that won't be welcomed on the RPW subverse here. People are free to say and think whatever they want, but this is a focused community that has neither the time nor the patience to deal with individuals that think it's fine to seek advice/input from RPW while also insulting the users here.

No one has the time or the interest to check the history of every user, and really we often only become aware of a troll once they start making inappropriate comments on RPW. I understand your reasoning, and appreciate your input. That said, I'm simply creating the foundation for a back-up of an already existing community so that if and/or when we have to transition somewhere, there will be a space all set up and ready to be used.

I don't have a problem with reddit by and large - but my activity there is also very focused. These rules have worked well so far, and I see no reason to alter them now when there are several other projects to get under way.


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No worries, I always welcome constructive input. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I hope my explanations made sense to you.

Have a good day! :0)