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How about teaching kids basic respect for their elders... by WestEndGirl in RaiseThemRight

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It will require showing children what respect is - by offering it to the child first, and if practiced consistently, the child will return this respect. Whether it’s an elder or a peer, it would not matter - but it has to be done consistently and without wavering and with acknowledgements (and apologies) when there is a breach. From the early childhood parents should show their respect and care, jin successive steps, every day. Like buying a new safe travel systems, or making sandwiches for breaksaft, or reading a book before going to sleep. Along with the externally-directed respect, there needs to be an internal respect (self-respect) and this can only be done through the example because kids copy almost all parental behaviors or those of caregivers, so when I suggest that stakes are high, they are really truly high: one misstep can have echoes across numerous future generations.

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