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I somewhat hope they keep getting rejected. Don't get me wrong I wish they didn't have to leave their homeland in the first place but if they get backed into a corner and have no choice but to fight or die they're going to absolutely slaughter the niggers into submission or outright genocide them which would absolutely be a justified response considering that's what's being done to them.

It would also give us a great chance to redpill the masses as we'll be able to tell them south africa was mostly uninhabited until the dutch settled there, that they supported the niggers by giving them jobs, access to decent food and housing, etc. and more importantly that once the nigger hordes got large enough that they went genocidal on the whites that helped them for so long just like what happened in Haiti. We can warn people that the same will happen in our nations and point to south africa as a modern day example of what to expect and how fighting back is the only way to defend not only our way of life but our very existence.

Also the livestreams of niggers donning wedding dresses and dropping like flies would be priceless.