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This is awesome, any honoraries that can provide a translation?

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This has been put up here before. I think I verified that translation.

The imagery is pretty clear and the J dude is like “fuck! You bred like rabbits”

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I replied to @lazmat.

I wish I could remember when this was posted before ...

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This is why you don't feed the animals.

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Really makes you think, doesn't it. Western Europeans should have never gone to Africa in the first place, not because of blah blah colonialism, but because it was a wasted effort, you simply cannot try to introduce technological advancements to Africans and expect them to learn from them the same way nations like Japan did from the Dutch, but to this day people all over the Western World are too naive and still believe that Africans will ever amount to anything, what's worse, you have people who give money to people in Africa for selfish reasons (virtue signalling) as well, preventing nature from taking its course.

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DNR figured this out, why can't the rest of the government.