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I think some of these people on the list a jews.. we cant claim they are not white then throw them in when they do somefhing good.. i could be wrong.

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https://archive.fo/zgNSp :

Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder | TIME.com

https://archive.fo/EhFdq :

The 25 Most Failed States On Earth - Business Insider

https://archive.fo/GmZeO :

The Country Where Slavery Is Still Normal - The Atlantic

https://archive.fo/2eDLh :

20 most generous people in the world - Business Insider

https://archive.fo/xIX4U :

The 20 people who have given the most to charity - Business Insider

https://archive.fo/MCXiY :

The 30 Most Generous Celebrities

https://archive.fo/0uhwl :

The Most Charitable Country In The World Isn't The United States | HuffPost

https://archive.fo/DYV84 :

America, New Zealand and Canada top list of world’s most generous nations | The Independent

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Why don't you just create a website instead of posting all this here.

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Can't create an anonymous website. Oligarch platforms will delete all my posts. If you know of a suitable solution, I'm listening.

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Find someone who likes your content and work out a deal to write for their site under an anonymous name? Find free blog that won't censor your type of posts? Go into video making and use one of the no-censorship video sites like minds, bitchute, d.tube, etc?

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Care to share the source of this copy-pasta? Or do i have to wget this thing?

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I'd be happy to share the mark down source with you. How do I send it?