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Isn't DW the super duper un-minmaxable system that punishes success with no XP?


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un-minmaxable system

Oh, you could min-max it, but it wouldn't be as fun for you.

that punishes success with no XP?

DW does use the "you learn from your failures" system, so success gives you a desired outcome (without XP), but failure does give you XP.

However, you don't have to fail a lot to advance levels. There are successes that give you XP, and these are through role-playing:

End of Session

When you reach the end of a session, choose one of your bonds that you feel is resolved (completely explored, no longer relevant, or otherwise). Ask the player of the character you have the bond with if they agree. If they do, mark XP and write a new bond with whomever you wish.

Once bonds have been updated look at your alignment. If you fulfilled that alignment at least once this session, mark XP. Then answer these three questions as a group:

  • Did we learn something new and important about the world?
  • Did we overcome a notable monster or enemy?
  • Did we loot a memorable treasure?

For each “yes” answer everyone marks XP.

That's a potential 5 experience points for accomplishing things ... and it takes Current Level+7 XP to advance a level.



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The link goes to an example move that triggers a random table.