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For my first arcana Im thinking of adapting the "named spells" from ADnD. For example, the various Bigby hand spells are going to be grouped into an arcana. Any others that you can remember?

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seems to have come from a certain LPMUD who spent many years fighting with its player base about expanding/shrinking its massive skill set

but with MUDs (and this one in particular) we are talking some 300 different skills and every single one of them had a visible effect on your gameplay experience, and various skills in other professions would allow you to find out of the box ways of bypassing certain mechanics.

ive got a character on a mud thats been around for 20 years. Priest. Medium level. But i can also fuck with people by doing things like blinding an entire room and dicking around with them, or hiding and shooting rubber darts at them out of nowhere, pick pockets, break into shit, stab things in the face. Spent far more time and experience catching up on skills outside of my own class than i did on my own and love the whole lot. Hes a Priessassthiefzardior. AKA a catholic bishop. but without the bursting little boys bottoms.

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What is a LPMUD? Does it have a large variety of spells? I'm looking for inspiration to expend on the arcana in FA.

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LP mud is a type of text based Multi User Dungeon.

the codebase itself has been around for bloody donkeys years and is extremely configureable, to the point where anyone can download, compile it, and build their own world out of it.

many many many years back i had a couple of cracks coding various MUDs and when it works right its a really cool experience.

id show you an example of the skill tree but it would take some digging copying and pasting that owuldnt work here, but i what i will say, is that the usual example (strength, agility, dexterity, luck, etc) are the BASE of the tree, and lots of skills branch off in different ways, and each of them would be used for a different COMPONENT of each different ACTION you take. SO - when youve got a MUD with extremely clever creators you end up with these kinds of situations -

The mud i play, ill use a wizard spell as an example (paraphrasing it all, its not accurate) - Say its a portal spell, and when youre casting it, it goes into its little script thing written into the game - 'trucks waves his hands around' 'trucks mumbles a few words' 'trucks draws a star on the ground' 'trucks waves his staff around and a door appears' - in the background what is going on is, the script starts, then it checks the skills at each of those actions -eg - 'dexterity.magic.spells' then 'intelligence.language.magic' then 'intelligence.speech.magic' then 'dexterity.magic.items' - each of these steps can fail and be coded to cause damage and return some kind of visual effect 'The door begins to form, a loud flatulent sound emanates from it accompanied by a foul odour and the door collapses out of reality again dragging the room down with it' 'You wake up' (and are in a location other than where you were)

NOW - then you apply that to literally every single thing you can do in that particular game depending how complicated the creators have made it. In the one ive played, there is something like 50,000 square kilometres of game world all completely mapped out metre by metre, thousands of quests, fuckloads of things you can do that are or arent to do with your profressions, last i looked we were finally able to ride horses etc through the place after taming them, pets have been around for years, trained golems, if you run out of money and cant find shit to kill you can start stealing shit from shops, do it in the wrong town and you get coppers running after you you can either run like hell from or lay into.... and its that busy any popular enough that if you stand on a main road in the main town long enough you WILL see one or two high level players slowly wandering around having the shit beaten out of them by a dozen watchmen trying to arrest them.