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But what if they were criminals who legally immigrated to America?

source: https://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/britain-sent-thousands-of-its-convicts-to-america-not-1707458418

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Thomas Sowell is an example of why not all blacks are niggers.

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That every now and again you come across a bear that's smart, tame, or otherwise friendly, is not a good justification for letting bears in general run rampant in our society.

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What about bears on unicycles?

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More importantly, the United States is unique in that "Americans" are people with shared principles about liberty. I'd trade every "legal" immigrant/citizen who came here for a handout for anyone who cherished freedom, independence, and the responsibility that comes with it.

We used to know that "American" meant liberty, justice, and responsibility.

That's the problem with the United States... too few Americans in it.

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We don't need immigration anymore, legal or otherwise.

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of all the lesser people that encountered white manifest destiny, the native took to it better than most.

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This nation was (((subverted))) and generation after generation its students and voters were indoctrinated to believe that "America has always been a melting pot". There is no way it will not eventually fall.

*There is no other outcome.

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https://archive.fo/NGmou :

Thomas Sowell on Twitter: ""The endlessly repeated argument that most Americans are the descendants of immigrants ignores the fact that most Americans are NOT the descendants of ILLEGAL immigrants.""

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And Americans are descended from people who supported the 2nd amendment..