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White Christians abolished slavery voluntarily, without being subjected to pressure or duress of any kind, because it was the morally right thing to do. Nobody else has ever done this. There is still slavery on an institutional level in Africa and the Middle East. Islam allows slavery. There is slavery in Asia even though it goes under other names. White Christian nations abolished slavery -- because we are better than other races and better than other religions. That's right, you heard rightly, we are morally superior to other races and religions. Christianity is morally superior to Islam by a country mile.

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i disagree. the strong will always prey on the weak.

the majority will always subjugate the minority.

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If the majority will always subjugate the minorities, why isn't that currently happening in western europe? They seem to treat minorities really well, having a bunch of young women welcoming them with open arms, and appear to have little interest in preserving their relative majority status.

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Intelligence isn't the only factor that matters. What about personality? Industriousness, temperament, manipulation? And opportunities, like luck, strategic resources and knowledge?

What if someone is intelligent and highly successful yet still a sex maniac who keeps his sex-life hidden from his wife? Maybe he ends up being blackmailed by a intelligent young woman. There can still be corruption and conflict in intelligent societies.

It's just that the form of slavery would be more sophisticated in intelligent societies. Instead of picking cotton they pay 70% taxes and lose their life savings by inflation and debt.