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Henry David Thoreau- Civil Disobedience/ Resistance to Civil Government.

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Yeah but through debate and fair elections. Not yelling in the streets cause you can't win. Boo hoo.

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Yes sure but we don't have real, logical debate anymore and there are no fair elections either.

Real men must now resist in slightly less polite ways.

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So if there's a law that punishes anyone who... uh, sticks out there tongue in public with the death penalty, then I should just go ahead and stick out my tongue in public? No thanks! I'll do what I can to get the law changed, but I'll try my darnedest to not stick out my tongue in public, because although enough deaths might perhaps get the law changed, I'd prefer to not be dead. Does that mean that someday my wife will have to wear a cloth garbage bag out in public? Perhaps. It's something I'll try to prevent, but sometimes humans are successfully compelled unjustly under threat of death and some choose death and others choose to fight another day.

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Quote was attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but not verified.

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Smoke weed every day.