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And that's just how socialism starts off. By the time it's done, an inverted version of all ten commandments is enforced. Until the society collapses.

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Leave it to a kike to turn everything into black and white.

"But wait goy, stealing your money and giving it to the chosen people is totally different. Also, accept your genocide because capitalism or something"

-- Ben "wherever I am I must subvert" Shapiro

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Fuck Semitic law, socialism breaks all the laws of Anglos. Natural Law, Reciprocity, Sovereignty, and Private Property. The fact that only three commandments forbid Socialism, and they are emotional totalitarian thought crimes, is all the evidence you need that Judaism is a backwards religion that can only muster the most feeble condemnation of the Slave Morality it's progeny created out of resentment of the White Man.

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Ben Shapiro is a fucking Jew he doesn't believe in any of that. And you mean Communism.

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Fuck that kike.

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So do all taxes not what Shapiro?