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I was having a conversation with my wife about this on a crowded Canadian bus, for the purposes of triggering the SJW listening in front of us. If Racism can be defined as "applicable only to people who have a privilege", as the SJW's love to say, then I have the right to redefine "White Privilege" as something that can only be granted by a person of color.

Therefore, If you have the power to grant someone a privilege, that means you're acting from a position of privilege. which means you're a racist. Ergo, black people are racists again.

She (the eavesdropping SJW) got so mad, she got off the bus a stop earlier from the University, so she didn't have to walk with us. I waved to her when I saw her on campus. :)

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I actually love this. Telling everyone I know.

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The actual context of the exchange shows the insight this displays over the other guy:


Though it's all a bunch of shuffling communists' own words around, which hands them a victory before even hitting submit.