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Im not an american but trump is the most american president i have seen in my lifetime.

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Us too, buddy. Us too.

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He's acting like a president should, we just haven't seen it in a while.

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In a while

More like "almost ever."



I also post on my phone. Pretty much exclusively, actually.

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How have all of the "presidential" ones before him done? Bush? Obama? Clinton? Ford? He is exactly what we need right now . . .

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Tariffs are extremely fucking important; why is this hard for people to understand? I know that you probably read that in a snobby tone of voice because it's the internet and text based communication is often insufficient, but I mean that sincerely?

How were traiffs explained to you that makes you think they're bad?

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Trump is using tariffs as a tool to get other nations to agree to fair trade. The trade deck has been stacked against us by all governments, including our own, for so long now. $500 billion deficit! We're the most innovative nation in the world. We should have a trade surplus! Any nation who agrees to real free trade will not have any tariffs imposed upon them. Watch what happens to Canada soon. They are likely not going to agree to the new NAFTA agreement as Mexico has. Trump will start with a 20 to 25% tariff on their autos, while Mexico will have none.