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If you really want to transform your life into a healthy lifestyle, my biggest tip is to be patient. You don't want to overextend and force yourself to do a bunch of stuff, only to fall back into the same patterns a few months later. That's weak. Remember, you don't only have to change your actions. You have to change your mindset, your priorities and maybe even values. If you only change your actions but remain the same self-indulging person, you'll fall right back. Changing your personality (which is what you're doing, you're evolving) takes time, so remember to be patient and only go in the directions you truly want to.

But keep in mind that positive effects snowball. I recommend starting with sugar, it's very simple to do (simple =/= easy) and makes a large difference. When you return to a more healthy sugar intake, you'll start to feel better. You'll have more energy. It will be easier to do other positive things for yourself, which will in turn empower you more.