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Guys, Trump losing the White House is part of the plan! This motivates the Republican base so we can take back the WHOLE government in 2024!


Guys, Qpost #3069 clearly explains that we needed the Dems to win the presidency, house, and senate so they have a longer leash to hang themselves. Declass is coming next week!


It's good that whites are a minority now. Q said we should unite, and this is the chance to prove that all races will become #MAGApedes.


Did Q say what to do about the gulags? I voted like he told me to, and now my family is going into a hard labor re-education camp. Which # post should I read?


Not much time. Roving gangs killing for food. Might lose power again soon. Keep the faith, Patriots.

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Would be funny if it werent so pathetic.

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I've not seen this level of brainwashing outside of an actual religious cult. It is weird.

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Seriously, look at this shit. They think they're having prophetic dreams now.

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Loss is victory

Trust the plan

  • QCult

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I can't deal with these idiots anymore

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Literally saying that votes don't count, that politicians are chosen instead of elected.

Now either this is true or these Q-larping fucks are more retarded than a football bat. Fortunately, we all know how retarded they are.

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Qtards gotta tard!

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Here is the real stupidity. If this is a chess move then that implies that not only are votes controlled but our side controls the votes. At which point why do we need to remove some shadow government if we are the shadow government?

Clearly there is one because there is always corruption and there is less accountability than ever but Q is a LARP and his followers are retards worse than shitposters. The sad thing is they don't realize they are shitposters.

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Poe's law extended. When your movement is so retarded we can't tell the difference between you and someone trying to act retarded.

Of course maybe this is a good thing. Maybe then the democrats deserve to win. I've long held that support of communism is a sign of not understanding economics, and therefor is dangerous when they win. The only thing worse would be people who struggle understanding reality in general which is Qtards. If Qtards held political sway that might be the only thing more dangerous than communism.

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Yeah, and just think in 2020 we can make that leash even longer! It will be the most brilliant 5D Parcheesi move in history!

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they'll celebrate themselves until their doors start getting kicked in

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