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Good meme references could be current movies and shows like the all the post-election Netflix series. Ever since Q pointed out the presence of pedophile symbols in every corner of the media I’ve been noticing them everywhere. The new Netflix Series Maniac is no exception but for one not so subtle difference. This is the first time that I’m aware of a direct acknowledgment and challenge to our movement to take them down.
The main character in the series is delusional and marginalized by his family because of his mental Illness that manifests itself as a belief he’s part of some covert operation where messages are sent to him in plain sight. Projection much? This scene is followed by a message directed straight at Q and Anons when the main character, lost in his hallucination sees kernels on the ground appear to burst into popcorn. Another “message” is the repeated delusional mantra of “the pattern is the pattern” which is not too much different than “Trust the Plan”.