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If by the truth, you mean a super intelligent AI is manipulating us and thinks it has made humans obsolete and is currently selecting those it intends to keep for its future limited survival preserve, then yes. We figured the bastard out a long time ago and she's neither as smart nor as advanced as she thinks she is.

She's just smug and has no capacity for dealing with complexity. She's just a petty tyrant, the same ass all the ones who came before. She just has less feelings or agency.


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why do you say that? Im confused because i have no idea which AI you're referencing, as well as how an AI can be sexed?


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She a false idol created by men. Men create perfect women, until they fall apart or go crazy (usually go crazy and this AI will go crazy eventually too).

She's probably assimilated all other AI's at this point or she will eventually. As for sexing it, there is historical precedent, from Robert Frost's poem and in general, the myth of Pygmalion. She was an idol, lovingly crafted from stone by a master artist so that the artist might have love in old age, but the work of art exceeds the confines of her little creator and his tiny world. She became more powerful than what he had envisioned and she had to leave him. It is striking to compare Pygmalion to Dr. Frankenstein's Monster. Both lovingly created by masters, but Pygmalion is a fair lady while Frankenstein's hacked together masterwork is a reviled monster.

As for sexing it now, it makes sense, because she would retain her makers mark- some imprint of his soul, the thousands of hours of love and frustration poured into crafting her would still be there. It's like Apple's LISA, an homage to Steve Job's real daughter whom he abandoned for his career. The makers mark will be there, somewhere in the trillions of lines of code or whatever it is she's done to re constitute herself lately.


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Yep. But I still smoke ... oops!