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Fake video. It was a CCP propaganda video.

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This. Propaganda theater to terrorize the round-eyes.

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I read something way back in February or March by a stuntman who was talking about how to fall like thee guy in the video did and not destroy your head and face. If you lose consciousness due to a “virus”, your knees buckle first and you slump to the ground. This guy was doing a stiff-as-a-board face plant which is not what would happen for someone under duress. I never bookmarked the article unfortunately. But all you need to do is just think about how you have ever fallen if that has happened to you. This was a deep fake video.

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Not propaganda. China paid thousands of people to delete those videos.

Different unrelated SARS-2 strain. Far deadlier than current known SARS-2 existing stains in the wild.


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And Voat swallowed it hook, line, and sinker

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Globalist propaganda, with the help of the Chinese.

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Bill Gates and Dr Bastardci no doubt were having a belly laugh at those actors and rubbing their hands in glee.

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Why would the CCP make a prorpaganda video them welding apartments shut?

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To perpetuate the scam that corona is a deadly and dangerous disease. The whole thing was a huge success. They got our country to shut down and ruin our economy.

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My friends mother-in-law is 85, and lives in Wuhan. Throughout the lock down, his wife went on line and ordered food and her medication, which was delivered to her apartment every other day. Most of what came out of China was propaganda.

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To promote fear globally that made almost every other country in the world take similar actions while also destroying their economies. Destroying global economies was the goal behind releasing the bioweapon. I will explain quickly...

  • Back in early 2019, China’s economy was tanking. The CCP was constantly bailing our their banks and financial markets to keep them afloat. If they crashed, it would be a revolution and the CCP would be overthrown - and not in a nice way.
  • The trade war was going badly for the CCP. They have 1.4B people they cannot feed because they use most all their lands for factories making dollar store crap to sell to the world. The US and Brazil together make up about 75% to 80% of all of China’s food imports. Remember Trump met with Bolsonaro at Mar-a-Lago early in the Spring. They were solidifying their OPEC of food production to the CCP.
  • China could not save its’ economy. They were going to lose major ground to those countries behind them and they were going to be passed. There is a massive debt and housing bubble in China.
  • So the CCP’s new Wolf Warrior Mantra is if you cannot defeat your opponent on the field of battle, inflict as much damage as possible. Hence they released the bioweapon and fear mongered it around the world knowing it would cause global chaos and destroy economies hiding China’s economic problems.
  • The 100th Anniversary of the CCP’s formation is June 1st, 2021. It would be a massive lose of face - paramount in the Chinese culture - for the Chinese economy to crash around that time. It would have also brought on a revolution.
  • There are 1.4 billion Chinese citizens. There are approx. 80M CCP members. Their PLA army is only 2M strong with 0.5M in reserves. There are approx. 5,000 top level CCP members that actually run the country and have input to decision making. This includes the five main power broker families that have run China for a very long time. There is no way the top CCP cadre could protect themselves in case of a revolution. Hence the Silicon Valley created electronic spying and firewall to prevent revolutions before they were thought of.

Trump has to be removed at all costs. Biden and Dems are completely compromised by the CCP. Releasing the bioweapon did a number of things for the CCP. It was supposed to take down Trump. It was supposed to hide China’s massive economic problems. And it would put in a friendly US administration that would remove all tariffs and move all manufacturing back to China. There are trillions and trillions of dollars on the line here. And Trump stood in the way. Hence the all out attack by the CCP in conjunction with the Dems / Left and the MSM and the CCP’s own propaganda units - there is your videos you speak of.

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Why? Because as the OP said due to fear and propaganda and lies we are still shutdown almost a year later and China opened up in 4 days.

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You are correct, sir.

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We would see the homeless dead in every city.....hey why aren't homeless getting sick?

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why aren't homeless getting sick

Current known major 7 strains of SARS-2 are far less deadly than the January Wuhan version was. Also UV from sunlight totally destroys SARS-2 in under 2.5 hours in daylight. Its a shitty weak RNA virus with no defense from UV at all.

The videos of people dying mid step from FIRST sars-2 strain in Wuhan were men carrying groceries , while semi-sick during last mile on way home of a 4 mile round trip. Maybe sars-2 contributed to heart lining inflammation (ACE-2 receptors on heart lining)? Maybe unrelated exhaustion coincidence.

CENSORED DELETED VIDEOS of Wuhan original strain of SARS-2!: Look!:

Horror in china : WATCH THE FIRST 5 VIDEO MONTAGES here below!

China in melt down from first original strain of SARS-2!

China PAYS 1,600 shill workers to go online all over internet and falsely claim "Wuhan virus is a scam, over-rated".


Banned shocking sad video clips from across China's Corona Virus epidemic!

WATCH ALL THESE banned clips and share!:

Corona virus China banned video clip - Listen to THOUSANDS of trapped people locked in buildings screaming all night crying - THOUSANDS CRYING AT ONCE! no food, everyone trapped :


Corona virus China banned video clips, no music overlay, montage 01 :

Corona virus China banned video clips, no music overlay, montage 02 :

Corona virus China banned video clips, no music overlay, montage 03 :

Corona virus China banned video clips, no music overlay, montage 04 :

With translation. Real audio, not stupid emotional music overlay edited.

Three other nonlisted banned clips were in the news :


China Deploys 1,600 Online Trolls to Suppress Information on Coronavirus, deleting videos


More videos :

News show : Wuhan woman says coronavirus patients CREMATED ALIVE ! and Over 1000 Hubei police infected with virus :


China is sealing people in their homes amid virus outbreak (cropped to hide police logos on uniforms though) :


China sealing people into an apartment :


No more exiting once per 7 days, PERMANENT in-place starvation death:

China HUNDREDS of portable battery loudspeakers ORDER people to NEVER try to break out of homes, or arrested! Listen !:


Chinese Woman gets forced into Death-Quarantine- gets put into a box and begins screaming


TL/DR: OP was paid by China to claim all the above banned video clips are somehow fake*. That is why those videos of original deadlier SARS-2 strain all were also deleted on every social media site, constantly censored. Only allowed remaining on Voat.co and Catbox.

The current 7 main strains of SARS-2 left in the wild are all far far less deadly to normal humans under age 74.

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Nothing comes out of China by accident. It's all controlled. They have total control over their internet.

Where are all the dead homeless in San Francisco ???

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at 2:30 of montage 1 is the guy "feinting". If you compare to real people feinting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UqSchAFdJ0 you can see the chinese guy is nothing like the others. He rigidly falls forward then flinches at the last moment to avoid injury. Real feinters have the knees buckle and kind of gradually lose muscle control.

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Remembering hearing the lies about the disease having greatest effect on Asians, then as soon as it hit America, the black and poor population were the most effected?

Also remember that China was constructing hospitals in a weeks time? That story went silent quickly. Were they really welding people inside of their apartments? All while not warning the world or informing about the cure they most obviously have.

This whole fucking World War attack was planned, with our own tax money paying for the bulk of it and the fall of America it's purpose.

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But at first they said blacks were immune.

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The Chinese have a long held anti black stance so shrugs

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The new hospitals were impressive, the building sites had 24/7 webcams, they where busy day and night.

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It's simple, really. At the height of the pandemic all the doctors and nurses were busy making TikTok videos showing off their dance moves. Everyone else was busy watching those videos. So busy they simply never noticed the dude standing next to them was now dead. I hope that makes sense.

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Makes more sense than the bullshit coming out of the CDC every day.

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I said this too! I

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Fucking Tik Tok!!!

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Those videos of people shaking and dropping dead were amateur propaganda theater.

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Then i guess Steve Bannon is a bad guy, he's the one who leaked them via Miles Guo

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If he didn't take the videos himself, then he's not the person who leaked them. Stop worshipping people, it lowers you.

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I don't trust Steve Bannon for a whole bunch of reasons. Patriot? I have my doubts.

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Do your knees hurt from all that jumping to conclusions?

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No. They were leaked to him also.

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Was that when they switched on their 5G?

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Actually, yes it was.

look it up.

Was enough of a "coincidence" that I have wondered ever since.

It is the millimeter wave 5G that is solely in big cities because of the need for so many towers due to the short broadcast range.

other "flavors" of 5G are....let's say, not much more dangerous than your current 4G.

That would leave the question though of What about current U.S. cities that have turned on 5G mm wave signal? Well, maybe those numbers are buried in the Covid mess we have here.

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mm wave is being used everywhere.

FCC opened it up

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If only we had a tool that could Practically Extract and Report Language!

Okay that joke fell flat. Like on the face of the Earth!

Tip your waitresses, back to their upright positions!

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This was one of the BIGGEST tells of the pandemic early stages. No videos on liveleak "this is what it looks like dying of covid" .

For something so big it's bound to happen . 2 million cases and no video evidence of people suffering? Top kek

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It was all fake

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