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I have realized this too (Fox Business stream). This was why when Trump interrupted Biden or Wallace, he had to raise his voice. When Biden or Wallace interrupted Trump, they could do it with a calm voice. This is why now the media can say that Trump sounded rude.

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Exactly! They're not trying to mute his voice, they're trying to get him to yell.

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Don't Jews ever take a day off from Jewing?

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Yeah they totally interrupted eachother the same number of times, try counting

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-3dB is half the power. Since human hearing is logarithmic, it is not half the perceived volume.

If two persons speaks at a relative power of 0dB, their combined power is +3dB. So Biden’s percieved volume would be that of two persons speaking at the same time. That checks out, since the other person was (((Wallace))).

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They have to make Biden look like a contender or the whole scam falls flat.

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Perceived volume is now measured in LUFS Integrated. I know, this is a new standard in pro audio.

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It is Wonderful you learned something new. Now get to work on topic.

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Not relevant to original post which says Trump -3dB.

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Correct except for that last sentence.

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I see someone doesn't have any sense of humor.

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I noticed it too.

I'm just astonished that Trump doesn't see this coming?

How does he not demand to have his own audio engineers in the booth? It's insane to me to have this kind of oversight when you KNOW they will use these tricks. Sometimes I'm worried that Trump has gaps, and no one is around to help him.

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They are allowed to do it so they can be exposed.

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Yes :)

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Qanons know that nothing can stop what is coming. Not even concerned concern faggots.

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Im sure he knew...

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I hate this kind of crap! Why can't they just do their most professional job and treat both men identically? Why the constant mind games? It is maddening to see all of the garbage they pull to manipulate the masses.

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That requires integrity and they ran out of that decades ago.

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They never had it.

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Why can't they just do their most professional job

You do not realize this, but THEY ARE DOING THEIR PROFESSIONAL JOB.

They're not paid by you to get a fair treatment, they are paid by (((somebody else))) to get you an unfair treatment.

Why the constant mind games?

Because they work.

It is maddening to see

Maybe "freedom of speech" and "free press" werent good ideas after all.

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They have literally spent decades hiring their own throughout all these key organizations.

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I wonder if we had an accurate graphic - say a nice pie chart - showing how much of TV media/network news is corrupt....would it be as much as 99% corrupt vs 1% legit?

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I noticed that in some video shots, Biden appeared very slightly larger than the President, when a different camera was on each one of them.

I scanned through the debate video, and checked for this when they used the two cameras to combine the President and Biden video in side-by-side video panels. When in this side-by-side mode, I checked the writing on the board behind each of them, and compared that writing. When comparing the same letters in the same words, it seemed to me that Biden's camera was using a slightly higher degree of close-up.

I think they made Biden appear slightly larger than the President.

Does anyone else see this?

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The first 15 minutes the square area of Bidens head was 100% larger!!!!!!!!!

Then they made trumps head a lot larger but not large enough. it was comical.


THEY ALSO LIT TRUMP FAR DARKER the first 10 or 15 minutes!!!!

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Interesting. There is a research paper somewhere sating the taller candidate usually wins US elections.

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Yes! Biden looked inches taller than Trump and I said that I had no idea that he was such a giant. And at the end, he was normal-sized.

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Good eye. Noticed it in FOX debate hype promos for a week in advance too. Biden positioned floating above President Trump. Biden's face noticeably larger and better lit. It was obvious to the naked eye. Not even subtle. And Wallace's face was bigger than both of the candidates.

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I remember the high mic sniffling in 2016. It was distracting and very evil on HRC/media collusion's part. They knew they couldn't win fairly. Then or now.

They just underestimated how many of us were longing for a man like our current President to up-end the DS corruption.

Our beloved POTUS is one in a trillion. And we are here to witness it.

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We are seeing now how if they don't cheat they can't win. They can't win anything ever. And they know it!

It's actually very bracing to know that.....NO, the nation isn't filled with idiots who just keep voting in monsters. We vote for good people (if they're on the ballot) and the Deep State steals or rigs elections.

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...and I was showing that manipulation has occurred before. But thx for the big reveal I certainly saw that when I posted the link

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Audio mixfag here: 3dB is a big difference when you're blending multiple sounds together. Sometimes 1dB or even .5dB change in level is enough to put one sound "in front" of another. If they had Joe at +3dB relative to Trump, that's enough to make sure he was "in front" and stayed there.

It's likely they added a bit more dynamic compression to Joe as well, that + increased bass would make his voice sounds stronger compared to The President.

There's a lot of subtle, sneaky tricks a sound guy can pull at the board.

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3 decibels lower means Trump's mic was half as loud as Biden's.

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Note Decibels are Logarithmic. 70 to 80 db is 10 X increase in sound intensity.

So 3 db is about 2x more sound intensity. But perceived sound is about 1.23X .


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When they bumped POTUS up toward the end it was SUCH a difference that even non-sound engineers couldn't miss it.

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