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This COVID on death certificates wrongly has wider implications than many people realize. I recently heard of a friend of a friend who lives in Florida whose husband died in a motorcycle accident and they put him down as COVID. The problem for his wife? He had an accidental death life insurance policy that now won't pay out because his death certificate says COVID. That's some bullshit right there. The woman is fighting it, but what the hell? Talk about insult added to injury. Unconscionable. But then this is the age we live in--learning that "unconscionable" has been going on all along in the dark and we just were not seeing it. Now we're seeing it. I'm so ready for people who can do these kinds of unconscionable things to get off this planet.

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What is all that money ($39,000 in the USA) for "covid deaths" being used for?

If it is just for cleaning, how much are the really spending on cleaning? How much is left over? Who is getting that money?

Follow the money, find the conspiracy.

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I don't know. When do you rise up?

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That was the stupidest thing these governments did was incentivize places to call things COVID just to make money off the dead.

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Keep an eye out for how they are classifying deaths as covid. In the UK we classify it as such: death for any reason within 28 days of a positive test. Read that again: FOR ANY REASON. So you can test positive for covid, have two weeks to recover, then 13 days later die of a heart attack, because you're old and had heart disease anyway, and BOOM! You just got included in the covid stats. (We also do a version for 60 days).

Lies, lies, lies. This classification is where they unravel.

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An elderly relative was kept isolated in a hospital for 5 DAYS recently - no blood tests, yet she was told she had COVID. Her reason for the visit? A hard fall, when she had a prior hip injury. All she wanted / needed was an x-ray. I told the family that's medical kidnapping, they're considering a suit, but they're very "get-along" people so I doubt they will push it. The deductible will be outrageous, I'm sure.

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Nice, now only thousands left to go to prove anything of substance