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Also it's to prevent Trump rallies.

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Yes that too, because they want to give off the illusion of Trump not being popular so, they can make the election fraud more believable. Oh and don't worry, their (democrats) scheme has already been taken care of.

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Anons are Legion

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You sound like an insider Patriot here, but below you are merely spouting Doom and Gloom, to confuse people....

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their (democrats) scheme has already been taken care of.

How do you know this?

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Yeah, kids are dropping of cardiac arrest in China, being forced to exercise while restricting their breathing. https://7news.com.au/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/two-schoolboys-collapse-and-die-just-six-days-apart-in-china-while-wearing-face-masks-c-1017871

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Here is a hint...don't do extreme exercise while wearing them. Also get the thinnest masks possible. The EO don't mandate what kind of mask you wear, only that it covers your nose and mouth. So fuck them, it doesn't have to work, you need to breathe.

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I made a lace mask, which is very easy to breathe through, and had a surgical mask handed to me by the Trader Joe's security who said, "masks can't have holes in them."

I have started SUCH a shit show on F***book by posting that link--with normie friends chiming in that the masks didn't cause their heart attacks, and I replied, well, that's okay, they died as good commie citizens, which ignited an even BIGGER firestorm over my belief that the CCP is largely behind the mask mandates. My name is mud forever.

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When I have to, I just wear a bandana. Makes me look like a bank robber. It is completely open on the bottom letting air in and out. I also pull it down from my nose. No one has told me not to do this so it must be okay. For shits-n-grins I might punch some holes in the bandana. No has said you can't do that either.

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Don't wear it and claim the exemption. "the public order has 3 exemptions, 2 of them apply to me."

Do not comply.

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that, and/or cut a big slit in it... To let air in... This world is fucked up...

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I need a mask that says "Your mask makes me sick"

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Do you have any insider information on why this is coming to a close?

We all know it's bullshit but what stops them from parading this around until election day?

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Class action lawsuit in each state and/or city or county and then a Presidential order E.O will follow. Masks will become optional. Afterwards the fear campaign will lose it's luster. This will happen with amazing speed. The lawsuits will still be in going but, the mask mandate will be over. Oh and to answer your question, yes I do.

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Sheriff deputy stood outside walmart assuring folks it was ok to remove the mask once inside the store. Wyoming. People look out for each other here.

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Prayers you aren't full of shit🙏🏾

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I don't really know if there are enough honest judges and lawyers yet for class action suits to be effective.

But The President having an audit of all the Covid statistics, and showing the real figures on TV (including the actual cures) will end the mask farce and the whole scam....

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I like the confidence but how the hell do you know this?

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Oh wow, that's a relief, if some anonymous no sauce post says so.

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It does seem a big ask to expect even the dumbest of sheep to wear a mask for the next three months. Great lesson for those sweaty mouthed sheep though. God let them not forget this one.

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It's illegal, and all politicians and institutions trying to impose it are illegal, no one can take our God given right away to breathe air freely

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