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Migraines and depression going thru the roof.

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Been back at work for 2 weeks now and have to wear a mask 7-8 hours a day and it's been nothing but migraines.

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The mask actually jet streams the particles out further to the side and plumes in the air to disperse where nobody's expecting them.

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I tried to explain to people, when you reduce the size of the exhaust outlet with the same flowrate, you increase the air velocity, sending it further than before.

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4 people out of work this week for symptoms, always wore a mask. Me? Still going to work and taking my 3 grams of vitamin C a day. Still good to go!

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Take vitamin D and zinc too! I live in the “hot zone” nyc and does the trick!

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The misunderstanding of the mechanism we are trying to achieve by using high dose vitamin C is apparent. The perception that you “piss out the extra” is missing the point. As if they are being used as building blocks for the bodies biological process. For example, there is X number of cells that utilize X amounts of grams of Vitamin C. This implies vitamin C is part of a process. However Vitamin C, when used to treat viral infections, is not a part bound by a mechanism. Vitamin C IS the mechanism. It is a chemical property of being a molecule of Vitamin C. Hence,

"Ascorbic acid enters all cells. It “proceeds to take up the protein coats being manufactured by the virus nucleic acid, thus preventing the assembly of new virus units.” Cells expand, rupture and die, but there is no virus particles available to enter and infect new cells. If a virus has invaded a cell, the Vitamin C contributes to its breakdown to adenosine deaminase, which converts adenosine to inosine. Purines are formed which are catabolized (broken down) and cannot be used to make more virus nucleic acid.

Viral nucleic acid has a protein coat which protects this parasite as it rides the blood or lymph highway to gain specific cell entry. [Larson] it is possible that if the ascorbic acid can remove that protective protein coat in the blood stream or in the cells, the white cell phagocytes and immune globulin could then neutralize these vulnerable virus particles."

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I suggest you research vitamin C. While other vitamins and minerals are very helpful, vitamin c's unique properties are misunderstood. Excess vitamin c in the bloodstream is what I target. While our body uses a certain abount in cell function, the extra in the bloodstream reacts with the lipid layer of a virus, exposing the RNA strands. Our immune system is then able to attack and eliminate the virus particles. The same cannot be said about any other chemical in our bloodstream.

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I’m taking Hydroxychloroquine prophylactically. I’m up to 25,000mg now. I feel I am on the verge of seeing through walls and reading minds

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I've taken 30 grams of vitamin C in one day. Are you worried people will see the truth about vitamin C? Hydroxychloroquine? Is that why you are trying to muddy the waters?

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bro try injecting it

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30 minutes... that's all it takes to begin growing bacteria in a mask.

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We know it doesn't do any good, and they're entirely unnecessary for those who aren't sick, or working with sick people.

We know of many ways they're bad, including inviting our enemies to compel more, like vaccines.

There is no argument for a healthy person who isn't working with sick people to use a mask.

There are countless arguments against.

This is a pretense by our enemies, and we shouldn't go along with this, or any other!

No one will like what comes next!

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Might help get you sick but not me. I refuse to wear one.

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Surely it's everyone's basic right to be able to breathe air naturally without obstruction.?

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Probably part of the Green agenda is to limit oxygen consumption, charge oxygen credits for any amount consumed beyond what they deem allowable. Al Gore and his partners will buy up surplus oxygen credits and limit the rest of us poor folk to a certain amount of outdoor activity to those wearing masks and having a license./s.

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The Commies would be whining about everyone's oxygen footprint....

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It absolutely is but particularly dumb and sheepish people don't understand this.

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You’re on the right track, but I think it’s actually about oxygen deprivation. I’ve read that a mask can reduce your oxygen consumption by 30%. Which can be devastating to the immune system. It’s one of the reason smokers are more prone to getting sick.

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... except for coronavirus

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What do you mean, WHAT IF???

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What if the parasite??!? https://files.catbox.moe/9rbtxh.pdf

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IKR. What if the virus ... what a stupid post.

Edit: And the OP wants to move on "passed" these Experts. Yeah, they might want to learn to speak English before they leapfrog ahead of the Experts.

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Be a grammar Nazi and all-around gigafaggot.

Start sentence with "and" and place spaces on either side of ellipses.

Don't be a complete failure.

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