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Exactly. I tried it for a few minutes and I couldn't see. My glasses kept fogging up. Imagine the people driving while wearing one.

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Ive been destroying these fools out here in AZ. I sounded just like you guys when they first announced the "mandate" in arizona. I went on 8ch and yelled at Q (lol) like wtf are we supposed to do about this??

Ive not worn a mask once.

Had an ASSISTANT manager at a frys harass me and refuse me service. Well, after a couple days of phone trolling, i had a free 30$ on my frys card and the store owner apologized profusely to me and invited me back in assuring me this assistant manager was way out of line.

Same thing at a local sandwhich shop. Kid identified himself as a "manager". (This has been a recurring theme. These people will claim they have more authority than they really do)

Well, fast forward a couple weeks, later. That kid was one assistant manager of like 4, and had a store owner above him. As it was a franchise, i called the other store about 8 miles down the street and used the kids name.

You would be surprised. The owner was shocked that this little faggot was doing that behind his back. The other store was shocked as well and readily gave me all phone numbers needed to go above him.

After the owners and corporate apoligized and invited me back w no mask, I prank called the kid back and rubbed his nose in it. You know what he said?? "Pshh....im quitting this job anyways. Dont feel safe at this company etc.."

So this little cunt is basically quitting because he didnt get his way and his little attempt at political activism made him look like a Goddamn idiot.

Learn how to phone troll. Magic happens. Believe me.

I think (i guess) Q wants us to start learning how to stand up for ourselves again

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BTW don't just stop after you get them to back down. Follow up with these cowards and demoralize them. they deserve it.

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You have to ridicule them, mock them, laugh at them, that really grinds their gears

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That's an awesome story patriot. Thanks for sharing it .

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"Your" gov is trying to kill you. Nearly every gov is zionist owned.

Q itself is zionist psyop.

Get rid of q (stop following) and think for yourself.

Here is some facts for you q retards. Came to this because I can think for myself and don't follow you confused q retards.

This is the first and last time i post here.

Here is the research:

GET CANCER YOU FAGGOTS - sincerely, "your" zionist gov


The solution to big government power is less gov, no new laws, no gov, local voluntary agreements, VOLUNTARYISM and a declaration of independence of yourself, announcing you are not accepting any leaders, not accepting ANY imposed central system (that will come within 3 years. better reject and destroy it, or it will kill you and humanity) This means politicians are not needed anymore. Everyone is their own leader.

Goodbye, you better remember my words, implement it, start your seperate local community that acts as your only de facto government

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Driving with one is bullshit. That's sheeple level following the rules.

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I laugh every time I see people driving with a mask on, the only reasonable ones are taxi drivers/etc.

The people wearing it while they are driving on their own, just fucking kills me. I laugh so hard.

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Saw multiple cyclists on a road bike in the bike lane wearing a mask.

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Yeah I tried it. My glasses also fogged up and I felt sick afterwards - kind of woozy. And yet I see all these people masked up to the eyeballs even in the parking lot, walking like they’re on a mission to save the world.

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I mean this in the nicest sense. If your glasses fogged up than your mask wasn't sealed at the top lol

You shouldve been breathing in even more of your own particles than you did

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get a halloween mask. cut off the top part. go about your day. i have a v for vedetta mask and no one says shit lots of complements especially from people that understand its a protest mask. shit i wrote covid1984 across the front. fuck it here is a picture of it.


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Very cool!! I am going to follow suit.

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from: doglegwarrior

i suggest going to lowes and go to the ac insullatiin area.. get the grey foam and glue a couple pieces on the inside its not comfortable if you dont do that also two straps around back top and bottom helps it stay centered in your face.

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That is awesome!

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Just grow a pair and don't wear one

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not possible in san antonio. armed security kicks you out i curses out a manager at one place almost got in a fight at lowes when some manny (aka male karren) told me something. i just wewr my petest mask and go about my business. the best part it has no filter it has a slit an open slit its like a directes fucking blow gun of shooting my spittle particles out. if anything it enhances the spread.

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I just tried to go into an ABC store to get some gin to make a natural weed killer. I was stopped at the door and told I needed a mask to enter. I told the woman to forget it and turned to leave. She told me I could come in once I had a mask on and I told her I don't believe in wearing a mask and she told me that she doesn't drink. I replied that I needed gin to make a natural weed killer and that she sounds like she looks down on her customers for buying the product she's selling. I then said that it's not healthy to wear a mask and she told me to tell that to all the kids who are dying. I said that she needs to stop believing all the lies coming out of the TV, then turned around and left. I'm now boycotting ABC stores. They can kiss my ass.

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you probably got backed down by an anti trump assistant manager.

call the store back, ask for the store owner, district manager and corporate as well. follow up "my daughter was born with debilitating asthma and your manager made her cry and refused her service" etc

stop giving in. record them with your phone, get their names. use cancel culture against them.

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Thanks for your comment and recommendations. I'll be ready next time with my phone recording and will be sure to ask those specific questions. It's complete bullshit. When I walked up, she was standing outside holding the door open in the heat wearing her mask like an idiot. I can't wait for this insanity to end!

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Abc is government run and taxpayer funded. They don't give a fuck if you boycott them. You are still going to be paying their bills.

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All I know is if they keep this shit up, then it is hunting season year round for whatever we need to feed our families.....fishing too..

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License free also.

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I can't wait until its hunting season for liberals.

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I can't buy groceries without it....starvation not an option. I tried and was surrounded at Walmart by accusers to the point where Walmart provided me with a security guard out the door. I claimed 'disability', did no good. Still thinking about suing.

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Wrong. Starvation IS an option. Good time to get that BMI down.

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wtf is walmart your only shopping option????

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This is ridiculous. I think "Mad Sheep Disease" is running rampant in all major national chain retailers. Such fucking madness!

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Welcome to the power of liberalism.

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Did you get names and dates? Do that if you want to try it again. Bring pencil & paper or make notes on your phone. Haven't tried it personally, just got a mask I can bear to wear.

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It's just a mark of submission

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MUZZLE! No different to wearing a baseball cap indicating the team you support.

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Which is why they are already pushing to keep maksing now for the rest of your life.

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Bingo. rfid chip is already planned and in the pipelines. zionist owned gov will mandate it per law soon. Unless you put an end to them

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One cold sore with a mask and you are a dead man walking.

Why didn’t mass mask wearing have to go through FDA approval process for medical devices????

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wait why? need to know

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Just wanna say. I live in Norway, a relatively sheepish country with government ties to Clinton Foundation and all


I haven't seen a single fuckin person wearing a mask except on norwegian msm news

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Nordmenn også don't fucking let Islamic shitstains flood the country and rape the children/girls at will, like swedcuckistan does.

I kind of want to move there and l9ve in one of the last free/proud coming countries left. Svensk kona, norsk family, vakkert land.

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