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What a scary yet fascinating time to be alive. All of it.

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I KNOW, RIGHT?! I find it both terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

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Landlubberfag here. Interesting post and speculation.

J/_\DE H3LM 2O

Pr0ject Orange Beam

Antif@ 51 little men in black

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Everything west of the Mississippi has gone dark now. Which includes the balloon. :( I got a screenshot of it tho.

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Instead of "Seven Days in May" I think we may be facing "Ten Days in June." Now that we know certain parade generals (as opposed to battle-hardened generals) are planning a mutiny, we may just be seeing the opening pages of an internal military war. If that happens, expect it to spread to the general civilian population too. Be careful who you follow, cuz shit's gonna get real... real soon

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It’s also possible the Trump-Pentagon beef is manufactured and tactical strateegery.

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It might be an act. Fake mutiny?

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clarify? flight plans gone dark?

checked your planefag link, looks like everything is dark?? Can't see any milplanes

what do you think is going on? speculate?

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The ADS-B tracking info comes from the transponder in the plane. Its almost always on for civil aviation. But the military often switch theirs off when they want. When they do that, planes on the map suddenly blink out or "go dark". It can sometimes happen too if the website gets screwy and you have to refresh. But last night, the refresh didnt bring anything back up. Only a few birds toward the east coast stayed visible.

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To planefag, click here: https://tar1090.adsbexchange.com/ and then hit the U button at the top to filter only military planes.

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whoa, cool, thanks

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Microwave crowd control weapons tested in superficial "secret" bases like Area 51 being deployed to main bases for dress rehearsal live testing (which would be a crash course training for personnel that hadn't even seen it before, much less used it) before being transported to trouble cities.


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Confirmed: That C5M out of Vegas is setting up for approach in DC.

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ok. so maybe this is a stupid question. how do we know the plane is coming from area 51? is there a landing ramp on area 51? or could whatever they are flying in and out simply be near area 51? i am not a planefag , lol clearly. is there code to indicate the location of the airport?

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Yeah Area51 has a very large runway at Groom Lake. And the ADS-B maps have shown some cargo planes taking off there and heading to DC.

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i am completely intrigued by this. dam. WTF. I wonder if we the people will ever know what is really going on. thanks for the explanation.